Sales #2. Techniques for Masters

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Hanza Hotel, Elijas iela 7 

9:00 līdz 18:00

Registration fee:   
490 EUR + PVN 

Kārlis Apkalns 

  • 10+ years of business skill training & consulting 
  • Academic practice at the Top Business Schools in Latvia 
  • Marketing, Strategic Marketing experience
  • 350+ Groups, 25+ Subjects, 100+ Original-seminars 
  • Worked with, SAF Tehnika, Siemens, Exigen, VISMA, LMT, Tele2, Lattelecom, BTA, Balta, Ergo, Seesam, Citadele, Nordea, Reaton, Pfizer, Mylan, Olainfarm, Toyota, Peugeot, Ramirent, Wurth, Baltic Data, Rolling!, Hanzas Maiznīca, 3M and others.

To whom:

Professionals who want to develop selling techniques in depth. Specifically, useful for proactive (agents, outbound telesales, representatives) and B2B vendors.  


When we imagine the life of Salesmen’s this comes in mind: smile, make calls with interesting people, good-looking and get decent bonus. Those who have feel the reality on their own skin, know Salesmen’s life is not easy one.

You can find ‘fancy’ process descriptions or read ‘smart advice’ books, but no one really have found formula which says what to do in various and unexpected selling situations. Especially unexpected, they tend to be in the sale of services, similar products, ‘tough client’ or B2B.

  • How do I connect an existing Product to the Customer Needs?
  • How do I update my Customer’s Needs?
  • What are and are not my Product’s Advantages?
  • What do different B2B customers expect from me?
  • How do I explain service benefits?
  • How to amiably address the Customer's objections?
  • How to sell if Client manipulates or is aggressive?

More in detail about all of this with Kārlis Apkalns at the seminar "Techniques for Masters".


Sales agent's improved ability to convert sales opportunities through:

  • Repetitive selling talk structure and Level 1 skills
  • General skill application for everyday Sales Product
  • An in-depth understanding of different customer motivations
  • Skills which make Customer Needs important
  • Repetition and maintain skills with handy handouts

Form of the course:

  • Lectures and discussions
  • Analysis and systematization of personal experience
  • Homeworks, video capture and analysis of common experiences
  • Video analysis of similar exercises by other participants

Two days/16 academic hours
Diena III


Full day
8 academic hours
Introduction/Revision: Lessons learned at the first level of the workshop               
Exploration step - Actualization of Client Needs
  • SPIN selling
Professional Homework (video)
  • SPIN +ĪII + P, with deal closing, up to 3 min
Presentationstep - Create company arguments
  • How marketing mix/7P make Spider?
Presentationstep - Advantage-based arguments
  • Products ‘and Company’s advantages
Explorationstep - Conversation with Customers of different positions
  • How can the arguments be applied to different players?

Most important Customer Needs                                                 

Different Customer positions and their needs
Day IV


Full day
8 academic hours


Closing step - Avoidance of objections “without force”
  • Principles of Socratic questions
Professional Homework “with Client” (video)
  •  SPIN + ĪII + P, Closing & Socrates, up to 5 min
Presentation step - Practical use of Spider
  • How to play Strenghts & Weaknesses?
Presentation step - Selling Service
  • Customer Cost Model, usage
Presentation step - “Bad Words” and euphemisms
  • How to do not accidentally hurt a Client?
SummaryEffective selling pyramid                                

Clients’ most common objections

Advantage of Supplier
Creating arguments

“Bad Words” in my industry                                                     

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