Digital Business Masterclass:

Using Data analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches to develop company strategy

To whom:

21st century business leaders who are responsible for the future development of their business and organization.


Life is changing. Old goes away. New comes and takes over. Business is also changing. From the original Fortune 500 list of 1955, there are currently only 60 companies in it. 

In search of directions for progress, we are increasingly finding out: "Digitize or Die". Digitization can improve Customer service, Productivity, Business scaling and other important aspects. However, it also brings new challenges.

What benefits can digitization bring? How much does it cost? Are we able to implement digitization? What data do we already have and what to do with it? How data usage improves business decisions? How to optimize customer service? How to visualize data? How to build the enterprise's digital culture? How to successfully implement digitization projects? How to build and renew strategies? Why "Digitize or Die"?

Answers to these and other questions you will find in the Digital Business Masterclass.


N.B. This Masterclass is created for the business executives, not data analysts!

To help business owners and managers to:

  • See the new possibilities of the digital age;
  • Define precise tasks for digital and IT teams;
  • Evaluate realistically the contribution made by digital and IT teams.


Enhanced ability to plan and implement digital transformations through:

  • A detailed understanding of digitization trends in the business environment in 21st century;
  • Examples and insights of digitization in Latvia and rest of the world;
  • Tools for project implementation, cost reduction, revenue increase;
  • Socializing and experience sharing with other business leaders;
  • Useful handouts for digital project implementation.

Digital Business Masterclass Lecturers:

Aldis Ērglis
An experienced business process, product and project manager demonstrated a history of working in the information technology, custom software development, and services industry. Skilled in business analytics, business planning, and operations management. Specialization in data analysis and advanced analytics, local community lead and data analysis enthusiast.

Top Skills:
  • Software Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis


      • Exigen Services, Senior System Architect
      • ELKO Group, Business Processes Development Director
      • FMS, Sales and Marketing Director
      • Lattelecom Technology, Head of Software development
      • MicroLink, Project manager
      Santa Lemša

      Experienced Advanced Analytics leader with 15 years fintech, insurance and market research background in international environment. Strategic thinker with strong knowledge base, great leadership and people management. Target oriented, team player with strong ability to communicate and execute analytical finding to business what results in additional profit.

      Top Skills:
      • Analysis
      • Business Analysis
      • General Insurance


          • SIA ROBOCASH, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
          • 4finance, Group Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics
          • BALTA part of RSA Group, Head of Actuarial Department, Pricing Actuary
          • Factum Group (CEE network), Project manager
          • TNS Latvia, Head of Data processing Department, Data Analyst
          Nikita Strezhnev

          Currently managing big data and advanced analytics developments in retail industry. Qualified in data science, business intelligence, business analytics and customer insight. Specializes in transforming business questions to data solutions using a combination of communication skills and technical expertise. Contributor to local analytics community.

          Top Skills:
          • Big Data Analytics and Data Science
          • Business Analytics un Business Intelligence
          • Analytics Automation


              • Rimi Baltic Group, Data Analytics Manager, Consumer Insights and Analytics Project Manager
              • Aldaris, Part of Carlsberg Group, Business Analyst, Sales Analyst
              • MTBank, Credit Department Specialist
              11 evenings/44 academic hours 




              1st evening (S.L.)

              4 academic hours

              Why “Digitize or Die”?

              • Positive & negative examples. Does this apply to me?

              Elements of the Digital environment

              • What position are we in? How to make progress?              

              Tool: How to identify charlatan in an interview?

              HW: Organization's digital maturity test

              2nd evening (S.L.)
              BENEFITS vs COSTS

              4 academic hours

              The Benefits of Digitalisation projects

              • What are the Benefits of Digitalization for Organizations?

              Costs of Digitalisation projects

              • What do we have? What we need? How to reduce costs?

              Tool: Principles of Cost/Investment Reduction 

              HW: Company Report List
              3rd evening (A.Ē.)

              4 academic hours

              Data driven decisions

              • What questions does the data answer?

              Interpretation errors and their elimination

              • How to distinguish causation from correlation?

              Tool: How much does wrong decisions cost?

              HW: Correlations as causations

              4th evening (A.Ē.)

              4 academic hours


              • How to detect causations in practice?

              Causation development practical work

              • Where are (or not) causations in my data?

              Seminar work: Correlation vs Causation

              HW: Causation in the Customer service
              5th evening (N.S.)
              CUSTOMER JOURNEY

              4 academic hours

              Customer Journey

              • How to reduce costs and increase revenue through Customer Journey? 

              Customer Journey data collection and practical use

              • How data and Machine Learning helps in every Customer Journey step?

              Seminar work: Costs/Revenue in Customer Journey process

              HM: Customer Journey in our Organization

              6th evening (N.S.)
              REVENUE INCREASE

              4 academic hours

              Revenue increase from one client

              • More consumption, wider offer, more frequent purchases – HOW?

              Proactive customer retention

              • How to predict and proactively prevent a client from leaving?               

              Seminar work: How much can Organization financially gain from Customer Journey?

              M.D.: What KPI's are important in my Customer Journey?
              7th evening (A.Ē.)

              4 academic hours

              Business Intelligence – what is it?

              • How does the Data vary? What are the types of reports and content?
              Data visualization techniques
              • How to create reports and dashboards?

              Tool: Report effectiveness evaluation

              Seminar work: How much does wrong reports cost?

              HMData preparation for data stories
              8th evening (N.S.)

              4 academic hours

              Data interpretation and mistakes

              • Story-telling through data 

              Business Intelligence done simply

              • How to do complex BI by yourself?

              Tool: Translation mistakes

              Seminar work: How to cheat with data?

              HM: Data story
              9th evening (S.L.)

              4 academic hours

              Digitalization project planing

              • How to define project, collect data and analyze it?

              Project implementation challenges

              • How to implement, monitor and maintain good ideas into practice?

              Seminar work: Project progress & Analysis

              HMRepeated digital maturity test

              10th evening (S.L.)
              DIGITAL CULTURE

              4 academic hours

              Organizations and their internal readiness for digitization

              • How to test interal readiness?              

              Digital readiness improvement

              • How to organize internal processes and data management?

              Seminar work: Digital culture elements

              HM: Current/Planned strategy components 
              11th evening (A.Ē.)
              DIGITAL STRATEGY

              4 academic hours

              Formulating Digital strategy

              • Who is participating? What should be (and should not be) in the content?

              Digital strategy actualization

              • How to design digital road-map? 

              Seminar work: Creating a Digital strategy

              Seminar work: Digital road map stages

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