Effective communication and interaction

To whom:

Heads of offices, departments, teams and projects, vendors, experts-consultants, all of them, who daily interacts with different people types and improving communication efficiency.


In order to achieve our objective (to achieve what I want), we have a daily impact on each other. The impact can be positive, can be negative and can also be meaningless (without a result). Communication is effective and efficient only if it is identified, focused and passed on to the exact receiver within the appropriate perception channel.

Each of us has had awkward misconceptions. Perhaps you have a feeling that you ARE NOT heard regularly? Perhaps it seems to the surroundings that you DO NOT understand them? You probably suspect you ARE NOT speaking in the same language? Of course, this has UNINTENDED consequences – the aim has not been achieved and instead a misunderstanding has to be addressed or everything has to be done for itself. 

The workshop will provide all necessary answers to the question what DID NOT happen?, as well as a logically sound and analysis of the solutions for the communication to take place as planned. Let’s begin with that I am myself, what and how I hear, and under what conditions is action followed? We will talk about what to do to achieve the goal and what deliberate communication methods to use for valuable interaction, ensuring sustainable cooperation.

  • How do I get my communication to reach the target?
  • What to do with a person whom I cannot talk to?
  • What kind of roles do I need to know to talk to each other in his language?
  • How to “translate” one message to different people?
  • What to do if I understand that I need to talk with each other independent, but it is not real?
  • What form of messages the recipient will perceive, accept, remember and act?
  • What creates backlash?
  • Whom to call, how long emails write or send 3-word messages?

Answers on these and other questions in seminar Effective communication and interaction.


Improved the effectiveness of participant communication with:

  • looking through seminar attendee’s problem situations in their daily lives;
  • providing real solutions to recode the message to be transmitted;
  • carrying out an analysis showing the strengths and expectations of their communication;
  • a systematically organised communication matrix;
  • a useful handout for the maintenance of skills.


        Elita Kazaine

        Mg.Sc. (RISEBA), development coach
        • ARISTA Executive Search associated partner, docent of business university Turība, Genos EQ traineeship.
        • Master’s in Human Resource, certified management and team coach, professional trainer.
        • Similar content training has been conducted in a variety of medium - and higher-level leaders' growth courses for Baltic Sotheby's International Realty, Augstsprieguma tīkls AS, Jūrmalas Dome, Privatizācijas aģentūra, Ieslodzījuma vietu pārvalde, Valsts ieņēmumu dienests, Valsts Sociālās Apdrošināšanas Aģentūra, Kvadra Pak AS.

        1 half day/ 4 hours





        Half day, 4 h


        Intro: Why some people are from outer space?

        Communication triangle. Where is problem?

        Information perception channels

        • 4 information giving methods in VAKD perspective

        4 roles of management
        • Adizes model, PAEI model of communication

        Interpersonal roles             

        • Unconscious daily interactions

        Manager and his responsibility
        • Neuroleadership, what’s that?

        Summary: Methods for improving the effectiveness of conscious communication.                                                                                              


        Different approaches and diverse perceptions

        Homework I:

        Who I am and who are people around me?


        The perfect team. What to start with? Purpose, task or people?

        Homework II:

        The communication partner's perception map.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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