Effective Manager #1

To whom:

Middle and senior managers, to improve the quality of the management process.


Manager’s day is full of jobs, responsibilities and challenges: communication with Employees and Clients, must done daily operative tasks, submit strategic goals and often it needs to be done in conditions of increased stress.

How manager got done with these “human- orchestra” challenges?

Good news, these challenges have solution! But, on the way You have to answer more nuanced questions:

  • What are the roles of the Manager?
  • Who should devote your time and energy to?
  • How to communicate effectively with your team?
  • How to guide to development and change?
  • How to work with resistance of workers?
  • How to delegate?
  • How should Manager become Leader?

Answers to these and other questions find out in seminar “Effective Manager”.


Improved quality of managing people through:

  • Analyzing manager’s most common problems and finding solutions to them;
  • Using most common management tools;
  • Learning the essential skills of day-to-day management;
  • Repetition and maintain skills with handy handouts.

Form of the course:

  • Lectures and discussions
  • Analysis and systematization of personal experience

Kārlis Apkalns

  • Lecturer at Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL), Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga).
  • Has worked with Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Statoil, SEB, Rietumu banka, AB.LV and other leading advertising agencies.
  • Has been IBM and Scania Marketing Manager in Latvia.
  • Has conducted similar training for the State Chancellery of Latvia, Latvenergo, University of Latvia Administration, Jeld-Wen, Klondaika, Lattelecom, Sadales tīkls, State Administration School, Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Red Cross Medical College, Nuclear Medicine Center, SAF Tehnika, BTA, White, Ergo, Latio, TEVA, Mylan, Olainfarm, Rolling !, Lanordia, Hanseatic, VISMA, Nord Connect, Ramirent, Wurth and other organizations.
  • Writes a blog about communication topics.

Two days/16 academic hours

Day I 




Full day 
8 academic hours
Introduction- Most common challenges of management?             
  • Manager Tool A: Three management tools
Manager’s roles and responsibilities
  • Manager Tool B: Mintzberg Managerial roles
Conversations with Employee and/or Customer Management
  • Management Skill 1: Active Listening
Manager’s time usage and its management
  • Manager Tool C: The Eisenhower matrix
Manager’s time usage and its management
  • Methods for finding “additional time”
Directing the development
  • Manager Tool D: A Formula for Successful Change
What I am doing? Where do I succeed? What makes me happy?
How do I tell an employee to speak?

What do I do every day?

Homework I:
Track real time consumption and analysis
Day II




Full day
8 academic


Resistance to change. How this happen?
  • Manager Tool E: Most popular excuses
Adjusting the attitudes of employees
  • Management Skill 2: Socratic questions
Daily delegation
  • “Who’s got the monkey?” And Process
Planning of practical works
  • "Cut work into pieces
  • Most important question: “Why?"
Manager and Leader roles
  • Management tool F: Manager and Leader tasks                          
Home work:
Analysis of shared experience

How to delicately change employees' views

Different approaches by Managers and Leaders

Alteration, its implementation Plan and Realization                                 

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