Effective Manager #2

To whom:

Middle and senior managers, to improve the quality of the management process. 


Essential sections of the manager’s work move the development of team and organization. In most of cases, this means teams and managers need to do jobs which have not been done yet. With it comes the planning of new things, diverse communication, different teams making also serious motivation challenges. 

How to in these important (because it is development) moments which have not been tested and tried yet (because it is something new) do not make painful mistakes? 

Good news – this challenge has a practical solution! Although you need to answer more detailed questions:

  • How to define saleable development goals?
  • How to visualise plans to make goals?
  • How to measure teams’ initiative and responsibility degree?
  • What do you need to take into account when communicating?
  • How people (do not) accept changes?
  • How to achieve that team completes the goal?
  • How to build “ideal team”?
  • How to control meetings that it would work?
  • What should be an effective feedback?
  • Kā kontrolēti virzīt sapulču gaitu?

Answers on these and other questions we will search in seminar “Effective Manager #2”.


  • Analysing manager’s most common problems and finding solutions to them;
  • Using most common management tools;
  • Learning the essential skills of day-to-day management;
  • Repetition and maintain skills with handy handouts.

Kārlis Apkalns

  • Lecturer at Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL), Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga).
  • Has worked with Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Statoil, SEB, Rietumu banka, AB.LV and other leading advertising agencies.
  • Has been IBM and Scania Marketing Manager in Latvia.
  • Has conducted similar training for the State Chancellery of Latvia, Latvenergo, University of Latvia Administration, Jeld-Wen, Klondaika, Lattelecom, Sadales tīkls, State Administration School, Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Red Cross Medical College, Nuclear Medicine Center, SAF Tehnika, BTA, White, Ergo, Latio, TEVA, Mylan, Olainfarm, Rolling !, Lanordia, Hanseatic, VISMA, Nord Connect, Ramirent, Wurth and other organizations.
  • Writes a blog about communication topics.

Two days/16 academic hours
Day I




Full day
8 academic hours
Introduction – Manger’s Goals and Plans       
  • Manager Tool A SMART goals
Development planning           
  • Manager Tool B Visualizing plans
Team’s responsibility and accountability       
  • Manager Tool C: We-Them
Management and communication           
  • Manager Tool D: Process of communication 
Accepting the change           
  • Manager Tool E: Goals & Criteria tool               
Accepting the change           
  • Manager Tool F: Kübler-Ross Grief cycle
“Infinite” goal counting           

Mind-map of development project (mind-map

Obstacles and responsibilities for overcoming them

Examples of misunderstood communication 

Homework I:
Mind-map of development project

Homework II
Plan of misunderstood communication

Day II




Full day
8 academic hours


Homework presentations with video           
  • Analysis: What I can learn from colleague?
Team’s motivation           
  • Manager Tool H: The most important question 
Stick to the goals 
  • Manager Tool I: Goal internalization
  • Manager Tool G: : Elements of feedback 
Building teams
  • Manager Tool J: Belbin roles
  • Manager Tool K: Goals & de Bono hats
  • Management branches and ways                                            
Shared analysis of experience

Matrix of goal internalization           

Feedback training         

“Ideal team” Development project   

Goals and appropriate tools of meetings 

Independent work:
Realizing development project

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