Effective Work from Home

To whom:

For anyone who has to adapt to work from home by social distancing.


The new coronavirus COVID-19 has changed our daily lives.

News about economics come like from the battlefield Some companies significantly reduce the number of employees, others are completely suspended. There are no reasons to think that this will soon be resolved.

A week ago, we didn't know what “social distancing” meant. Today, public gatherings have been stopped and many are learning to work differently – from home. Employers tend not to fear, but people understand that even the existence of jobs can depend on how successful remote work will be.

However, “working from home” is not trivial. Many do not have a permanent working area at home, it is difficult for householders, especially the younger ones, to assume that Dad or Mom is “working right now”, while the surrounding impulses – phone, refrigerator or school children – at home are pulling back from the rhythm of work for much longer.

How to deal effectively with today's reality – remote work from home?

The answer to this is already more nuanced. What are the necessary elements for successful work at home? What are the most common hindrances? How to minimise the impact of the environment on the rhythm of work? How to keep productivity and energy level in the long run?

Answers to these questions we will search in webinar Effective Work from Home.


Improved capacity to be productive in long-term remote working conditions through:

  • dealing with the most frequent errors of remote work and ways of preventing them;
  • world-tested productivity principles and techniques
  • convenient materials to repeat and maintain knowledge.

Kārlis Apkalns, MBA (Riga Business School)

  • working remotely for 14 years
  • Latvian TOP business coach, has made workshops about more than 20 topics
  • Coached senior managers of State Administration, Bank of Latvia, management team of University of Latvia, leading start-up companies, others.
  • Works with Stockholm School of Economics Riga (SSE Riga) students
  • Worked with Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Statoil, SEB, Rietumu banka, AB.LV, etc. in Latvia's leading advertising agencies.
  • the former head of marketing for IBM and Scania in Latvia

(remote online training session, 2 academic hours)






2 academic hours


The reality of the new work environment
  • What and why it is going on? How do I help myself?
New working habits
  • How to transform old habits?

How to prevent surrounding disturbances?    

  • An obstacle of the external environment, their control


  • Personal efficiency plan                                   


Preconditions for the success of remote work


Major barriers to productivity


Productivity improvement opportunities and plan                                                      

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