Sales #1. Effective Deal Management

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For sales teams and professionals who requires skills, guidelines and tips to improve the effectiveness of daily sales negotiations.


Sellers and sales managers spend a lot of time on yesterday, such as the results and today's market situation. But looking at the results doesn't improve them. The discussion of the situation does not alter this. How to improve tomorrow for sales teams?

Determined people say, let's plan activities and act: let's send email, call, let's go on visits. However, the experienced leader knows that determination alone is not enough. After an awkward call or a clumsy visit, the client may be farther away from the purchase than before the failed activity.

This finding leads to more nuanced issues: 

  • How to lead a conversation?
  • How to know client’s needs?
  • How to show the value of product?
  • What is and is not advantages?
  • How do I direct a customer to an agreement or find out the objections?
  • How to defend product’s price?
  • How much is the discount cost and what to use instead of the discount?
  • What needs to be done to turn a hopeful opportunity into a tangible deal?

About this in seminar Effective Deal Management by Kārlis Apkalns.


Sellers' improved ability to convert sales opportunities to conversions through:

  • An accurate understanding of the structure of the sales conversation;
  • Look at sellers' most common errors and solutions to correct them;
  • Acquired essential skills for each phase of the sales conversation;
  • Handouts that are handy for repeating and maintaining skills.

Kārlis Apkalns

  • More than 10-year experience as business skills coach and consultant.
  • Hold academic practice in Latvia’s TOP business universities.
  • Has marketing and strategic marketing experience.
  • Has trained 350+ groups, 25+ topics, and 100+ original seminars.
  • Worked with, SAF Tehnika, Siemens, Exigen, VISMA, LMT, Tele2, Lattelecom, BTA, Balta, Ergo, Seesam, Citadele, Nordea, Reaton, Pfizer, Mylan, Olainfarm, Toyota, Peugeot, Ramirent, Wurth, Baltic Data, Rolling!, Hanzas Maiznīca, 3M, etc.

Two training days/16 academic hours


Full day
8 academic hours
Introduction – What is selling?
  • Introduction – What is selling?
Sales essence and quiddity
  • When client is buying?
Sales cycle - open, explore, present, close
  • Three typical errors of the sales cycle
Opening and exploring phases - Talking management
  • Skill No. 1 – Active listening
Stage Open - How to Unleash the Customer for Conversation?
Stage Explore - What are the customer's needs?
  • How does the time available for the conversation change the exploration?
Stage Present – How to show proposal value?             
  • Skill No. 2 – Value formula
Homework, examples and standard
  • Value formula

“Selling” colleague by using Value formula.                                          


Full day
8 academic hours


Homework (Free product) presentation with video
  • Homework (Free product) presentation with video
Stage Present – Giving advantage to the Customer
  • What is and is not an Advantage?
Stage Close – Disaster sales price
  • Selection of the saddest selling examples
Stage Close – Discount and its costs to the company
  • How to save client costs without reducing the price?
Stage Close – Discount and its costs to the company
  • Skill No.3 – Closing techniques: Why and How?
Summary - Future Growth Steps and Plan
  • Sales: Art? Mathematics?                                    

Free product Value lifting

Personal development plan

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