Successful onboarding

To whom:

Company executives, middle-level managers, personal managers, whom it is essential to ensure that new employees reach the required level of performance for the company in the short run when they start work.


Does the application process end with signing a work contract? It would be nice to think so, but in the course of the test and also in the next six months, we are only aware of the new employee and understand whether our cooperation will be successful. Occasionally both sides accept the decision the break a contract because the initial expectations don't exonerate, and the question comes in – why?

In order to turn expectations into meaningful activity, a worker should know and take a number of steps when he starts work, so that the young worker will be able to quickly reach the level required for high-quality job performance.


  • Practicing coaching approach;;
  • Chances and types of setting good goals;
  • Preparing an appropriate introduction plan for your business..


  • The process of entering the job/position, its preconditions and development in the company.
  • The right people in the right place – how much cost an inappropriate employee for the business?
  • The impact of generations and the management of workers from different generations for successful cooperation.
  • Parties involved in the onboarding process, their roles and the principles of successful communication.
  • How grown-ups are learning?
  • Advantages and its practical applications of coaching method in the employee’s onboarding.
  • Create organizational culture, value awareness for the new employee.
  • Setting realistic goals, setting job guidelines for a new entrant, providing high-quality feedback.

The program is implemented through practical exercises:

  1. Define input process components;
  2. Personal and enterprise values, the best approach to identify employee integration in the company;
  3. Formulating a good, high-quality goal;
  4. Useful communication approaches;
  5. How to create a conversation using coaching in the onboarding of employees?


Ilva Bērziņa

  • Master’s in Business Administration, more than 20-year experience in human resources management, lead open courses and corporative trainings for more than 10 years, 10-year experience in consulting company executives about business and HR management.
  • Has worked as HR manager in AS Latvenergo branch “Centrālie elektriskie tīkli”, director in Nordic Partners group companies (uzņēmumos (Laima, Staburadze, Gutta, Saldumu tirdzniecība, Olaines Industriālais parks, Nordic Technology park, Jelgavas industriālais parks), YIT Celtniecība, has given long-term consultations and human resources management in outsourcing projects for AS Lido, AS Repharm Group, AS Grindeks, SIA Euroaptieka, AS Tallink.
  • Additional qualification: Certified consultant using the BOSI approach which is issued by USA business consulting company subsidiary in Baltics BOSI Nordic, Lumina Learning development and psychometric assessment certified trainee, certified facilitator of systematic arrangements of the Netherlands Hellinger institute.

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