Vexation management aka stress handling

To whom:

For business and organizational directors and specialists with easy-to-use techniques and methods for reducing daily psycho-emotional stress and regaining balance.


We are accustomed to saying the word stress with negative meaning.

In the workplace employees stress about deadlines and ASAPs, from manager’s incomprehension and colleague undone and too much tasks, from lacking time and too much or less consumed coffee.

Situation in home is not better – wife/husband, children, parents, relatives and friends ask for attention. Here someone get ill or get in car crash, or daily quarrel, or politic nonsense, or even worse – economic crisis.

The vicious circle is forming - bad at work, bad at home, and vice versa.

A large proportion of employees suffer from excessive stress and even burn-out syndrome. For businesses, this means long-term low productivity, worker sickness, a tense atmosphere and disagreements, more frequent errors, low motivation, employee leaving.

This workshop is about stress being good! It is punctuated and controlled. Stress is like electricity – if you don't know how to use it, it can kill you, but if you know how to use it, it is a great way of achieving great success.

In the workshop we will look at the methods of controlling stress, putting stress on a useful role and applying it in productivity, creativity, relationships, and good mood.


  • Improved participants understanding of the stress, its types, and origins;
  • The skills of maintaining psycho-emotional balance on the daily basis;
  • Better understanding of myself, of my motivation, and behaviour;
  • Improved interaction skills in critical communication situations;
  • Improved psychological climate and a more cohesive collective.

Dmitrijs Kalniņš-Bergs

  • Graduate psychologist, psychotherapist with long-term experience of individual and group therapy. Including working as a clinical psychologist at a crisis center and palliative care.
  • 20-year experience in marketing and selling, training, research, counselling and audit projects, including leading Latvian and international companies.
  • Specialize in managing sales and customer experience, advising on development of new business projects.
  • Guided similar training for organizational teams in municipality police, State Work nspection, State Revenue Service, SEB, AB.LV, Deloitte, Euroaptieka, Kronus, Linstow, Grindex, Cemex, Sixt Latvia, JCDecaux, Communication agency, Vokswagen, etc.


Functional and dysfunctional attitude to stress:

  • Awareness of my borders and needs. 
  • Adequate and inadequate expression of negative feelings. 
  • Creating an attitude to what happens around.

Stress handling in the working environment:

  • Psychological positions in contact with clients/colleagues/management. 
  • Principle of balance. Aggressive, passive and sharp behaviour style. 
  • Professional and personal position at work. 
  • How to prepare for a tense working day? 
  • Effective work in stressful situations (“problem-clients”). 
  • Stress management in group activities (meeting, brainstorm, negotiation). 
  • How not to bring problems from work to home and vice versa? 
  • Inclusion of stress management exercises and techniques in the working day plan. 
  • Stress handling methods: time and job planning, FISH philosophy, organizing work environment, breathing and body movement exercises, art/dance/music therapy elements, revision of day, etc.  

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