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Improving written communication skills
and implementing change

The customer needs


  • To find out the level of satisfaction of Latvian citizens by evaluating the work, attitude and written communication with clients of the State Data Inspectorate.

  • Improving the quality of written communication with clients.




Customer satisfaction | Group discussions, 20 participants | Polls | Interviews | Video recording | Summary - Presentation

Employees of the state administration, when providing services, must take care of clearer, closer and fuller communication with the client. Efforts to bring the state administration closer to the citizen by providing an answer in a simple and understandable way, using practical and clear language means, will promote cooperation and ensure customer-oriented operation of the state administration. A situation where the client and the employee of the state administrative institution speak "different languages" is unacceptable. Is communication clear and understandable? Are the responses to the letters formulated in a way that the client can understand? How does the customer feel when he receives the letter?

The research found answers to these and other questions related to customer satisfaction.

The study was conducted by a trainer Reinis Lazda.

Learning process

Seminar topics - Written communication | Design of documents | Analysis of document forms | Editing document forms | Editing of documents in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts | Drafting of letters | Individual consultations

In the course of the training, there were:

  • created an idea of the nature and importance of written communication in the service provision environment;

  • the strengths and weaknesses of each participant's writing skills are identified;

  • developed ability to write 4P - accurate, complete, polite, correct;

  • improved understanding of language errors and recognized the most typical of them.

The training course and individual consultations were led by a trainer Baiba Apkalna.

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