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Customer service challenges

Date: September 26 and 28 | Time: 09:00-11:30 | Place: Online Learning | Membership fees: 195 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For companies and institutions to improve the quality of work with clients, resolve conflicts and create a service strategy.



Companies often consider strategic planning or process management as their challenge, but the greatest success in the organization's work is to see the Customer's Value and base internal and external activities on it.

The customer's attitude towards the company is formed by knowledge, feelings, previous experience and future expectations. Living in the age of feedback, any nuance of a customer's attitude can be passed on and influence the attitude and behavior of future customers and also the overall image of the company. Managing customer expectations has become a cornerstone of modern customer service. Customer-oriented activities often include sales training, business etiquette, speech and written culture, but not every company is aware of what Customer Power is and how to direct it in the direction they want.

What are the commandments of Customer Service? Is the Customer always right? What does customer-oriented organization mean? How to identify and manage the Customer's expectations, transforming them into positive attitudes? How to work with a negative attitude? What to do if the Customer shouts, threatens, gets angry? How to maintain consistency in the quality of Customer Service in the long term?


Answers to these and other questions - at the Baibas Apkalnas seminar "Challenges of customer service".

Benefits of the course:

After the training, improved knowledge, acquired skills and practically applicable methods are expected:

  • Why and how to find out the needs and wishes of the Client;

  • Decision-making mechanisms and communication and perception roles, positions and barriers;

  • How to prevent and how to resolve conflicts;

  • How to work with Customer Power and increase Customer Value.

  • Service strategy, service culture - long-term solutions.

Course format:

  • Interactive lecture and discussion with an emphasis on collaborative conversation/workshanning;

  • Analysis and systematization of personal experience individually and in a group.

Baiba Apkalnas.png

Baiba Apkalna

  • Specializes in training in strategic communication and customer service (TimeBar (retail), EVRY Latvia (IT), State Blood Donor Center, Bar-Ilan University (Israel), CircleK (retail), etc.), Maxima Latvija (retail),

  • in strategic planning (Food and Veterinary Service, State School of Administration, municipalities, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, RSU Red Cross Medical College, etc.),

  • in business modeling and developing the value proposition (Riga Nuclear Medicine Center, Kurzeme Business Incubator (Liepāja)),

  • in change management (LKA Latvian College of Culture), 

  • in strategic communication (School of State Administration),

  • process management, presentation


2 online learning sessions | 6 academic hours

Session I


3 academic hours


Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

  • What is good Customer Service?

  • Why does Customer Experience Matter?

Customer Power

  • Does the Client Have Power?

  • Is "the customer always right"?

Customer research and understanding

  • How to take the initiative to solve the Client's situation?

  • What does the customer want?


Pattern analysis:

"Customer Path"

Group work:

Analysis of customer service problem situations individually and in groups

Session II


3academic hours


Customer service barriers

  • What is the Customer? What am I?

  • Perception and communication - barriers, saboteurs, mistakes. "Logic Bubble"

Conflicts, "Difficult Customers"

  • Commandments of conflict

  • What to do if the Customer shouts, threatens, gets angry?

Stress management practice

  • STOP Emotion method and "Circle of Care"

  • Stress anchors


Group work:

Analysis of the results of the first day of the seminar


How do I communicate?




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