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Emotional balance in a changing environment

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-11:30 | Place: Online Learning | Membership fees: 180 EUR + VAT

Inetnded forr:

For those for whom it is important to maintain their capacity to act and the ability to make balanced decisions in situations of increased stress.



Internal and external crises cause anxiety, stress and fear. For some people, they slow down, and for others, they inadequately stimulate the ability to think. The consequences of these changes are limited or escalated analysis, as well as increased demands on oneself and others.

In such moments, it seems natural, but very unproductive to focus on problems and negations. A person takes either a defensive position or becomes aggressive. We understand what should have been done differently "at that moment" only later, when we have to correct hasty or, on the contrary, late decisions.

In order to maintain the ability to act, to protect yourself and those around you, stress management is one of the mandatory competencies. Both global and local, everyday and extraordinary crises affect everyone, but few have systematically analyzed them.


How to maintain balance and ability to act in everyday and emergency crises?

Answers to this challenge - at Elita Kazaine's seminar "Emotional balance in a changing environment"

Benefits of the course:

Conscious ability to protect oneself in conditions of increased stress with:

  • the ability to identify the position of the conversation partner;

  • the ability to control a toxic environment and the ability to avoid negations;

  • practical ways to reduce your stress;

  • analytical tools for diagnosing your stressors (matrix);

  • the ability to consciously separate "normal" from what is no longer "normal";

  • from the point of departure "here and now" will be given practical techniques that can be immediately implemented in everyday life to increase the sense of security, reduce anxiety, depressive mood and the ability to make quick decisions.

Elita Kazaine.png

Elita Kazaine

  • MSc. RISEBA.

  • Professional business coach, certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

  • Lecturer at the "Turība" university, guest lecturer at the "School of State Administration".

  • Additional qualifications: Genos EI Practitioner, Professional Trainer. Methods of Business Training (ICTB); The Artistry of Leadership (CCE approved by ICF); Team Coaching (Erickson College); Methods from the Adizes Methodology For Managing Accelerated Change; Professional Coach (Erickson College International).

  • Training conducted by: Baltic Sotheby's International Realty, Augstsprieguma tīkls, Jūrmala City Council, Privatization Agency, Prison Administration, State Revenue Service, State Social Insurance Agency, Ferratum Bank, Kvadra Pak, Jensen Metal, C.T.Co, Citrus Solutions, CFLA, VARAM, etc.


2 online learning sessions | 6 academic hours

Session I



3 academic hours


Three systems of psychological well-being

  • Four types of stress

Borders. Who determines them?

  • Stages of mental reaction

Biochemistry of stress - why is it important?

  • Consequences of stress

  • Stress curve for change

Contact positions (ok principle)

  • Areas of action (control and influence)

Assumptions, beliefs and values

  • Conflict Management Pyramid



What is the environment affecting me? What do I influence?


What should be started? What should be stopped?


On which floor does the conflict live?

Session II


3academic hours


Emotion measurement scale

  • RAIN technique

Matrix of Deliberate Action

Stress management solutions

Stress release techniques

Communication strategies



A conscious choice. Who gives me, who takes from me?


What is my support environment?


What do I commit to doing now? 




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