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Motivation and engagement

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-11:00 | Place: Online Learning | Membership fees: 80 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For team and project managers, for whom it is important to define goals and involve teams in achieving them.



Modern management practices increasingly focus on personalities and relationships. This means also taking into account the emotional, immeasurable aspect of human nature, where there are no objectively "right" or "wrong" choices.

People and their thoughts are different. Thoughts are followed by emotions and feelings. Human reactions and actions are determined by both the external environment and the internal climate.

If there are so many influencing aspects, how to ensure well-being in the workplace?


On the way to the solutions of this challenge, it is necessary to answer focused questions. How to create an environment that supports effective communication? How to achieve a positive outcome in a negative situation? What really motivates people? How to get involvement, take responsibility and achieve goals? And what will happen if all this is not there?

Answers to these questions - in the Elitas Kazaines seminar "Motivation and involvement".

Benefits of the course:

Participants' in-depth understanding of:

  • the human factor of management;

  • ensuring motivation and involvement;

  • instruments for measuring "unmeasurable" indicators.

Elita Kazaine.png

Elita Kazaine

  • MSc. RISEBA.

  • Professional business coach, certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

  • Lecturer at the "Turība" university, guest lecturer at the "School of State Administration".

  • Additional qualifications: Genos EI Practitioner, Professional Trainer. Methods of Business Training (ICTB); The Artistry of Leadership (CCE approved by ICF); Team Coaching (Erickson College); Methods from the Adizes Methodology For Managing Accelerated Change; Professional Coach (Erickson College International).

  • Training conducted by: Baltic Sotheby's International Realty, Augstsprieguma tīkls, Jūrmala City Council, Privatization Agency, Prison Administration, State Revenue Service, State Social Insurance Agency, Ferratum Bank, Kvadra Pak, Jensen Metal, C.T.Co, Citrus Solutions, CFLA, VARAM, etc.


1 learning session | 2 academic hours

Session I






2 academic hours


What does a person expect from the professional environment?

  • Indicators of motivation

What does a person perceive and how does it manifest itself?

  • Dictionary of communication and interaction

How to understand human motivation and involvement?

  • Logical measuring instrument

How do you know when the performance is 100%?

  • Empathy card

What to do if you don't want to do anything?

  • Decision matrix

When does our action plan succeed?

  • Plan plan - content and framework 



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