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Neuroleadership and Emotional Intelligence

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-11:30 | Place: Online Learning | Membership fees: 145 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For managers, project managers, salespeople, the team for supplementing individual competencies and promoting conscious people management and effective communication.



The key to the success of any strong personality and the prerequisite for effective action is individual emotional intelligence and understanding of the application of the latest management science methods in managing people.

On the other hand, the management of people, first of all, begins with self-awareness, managing your emotions, feelings and actions, so that you can then lead others and, like a mirror, receive in return what you yourself have created.

Neuroleadership, or consciously intelligent management of people's actions and thinking, means the use of neuroscience discoveries in people's management. This means understanding what mechanisms of the brain work FOR or AGAINST building relationships, creating a positive communication environment, ensuring a meaningful flow of information, promoting genuine interest and involvement.


Understanding neuro-leadership is the main prerequisite for achieving high motivation, already preventively eliminating negative irritants that block progress or even demotivate. It is an opportunity to achieve not only high motivation, but also meaningful and productive action as a result of effective communication.

The aim of the training is to show how the discoveries of neuroscience can be used in the everyday life of managers, in team work, and for individual motivation and talent management.

At the seminar, participants will be given answers to the following questions:

What is the main task in working with yourself? What if my red lines are breached? Is suppressing feelings and emotions good? How can you achieve a positive result with negative emotions? Is the key to success only cold-blooded action? How to maintain the principle of balance - to be aware of "what it is that I feel" and to analyze "how it affects my actions"?

Benefits of the course:

The training course will provide an understanding of Neuro-Leadership, as a conscious management of smart people, and Emotional Intelligence, as a quality of a conscious person. The course will promote the participants' ability to select perception, organize thinking, manage emotions. It will be an opportunity to analyze the importance of the impact of facts and background on feelings and emotions.

Course program:

  • Individual's 3 channels of perception.

  • The 4 principles of neuroleadership. Attitudes and engagement.

  • 5 stages of self-development.

  • 6 competencies of emotional intelligence. Mandatory minimum.

  • The 7 Conditions of Neuroleadership.

  • Stop Emotion 8-step method for all situations in life.

Elita Kazaine.png

Elita Kazaine

  • MSc. RISEBA.

  • Professional business coach, certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

  • Lecturer at the "Turība" university, guest lecturer at the "School of State Administration".

  • Additional qualifications: Genos EI Practitioner, Professional Trainer. Methods of Business Training (ICTB); The Artistry of Leadership (CCE approved by ICF); Team Coaching (Erickson College); Methods from the Adizes Methodology For Managing Accelerated Change; Professional Coach (Erickson College International).

  • Training conducted by: Baltic Sotheby's International Realty, Augstsprieguma tīkls, Jūrmala City Council, Privatization Agency, Prison Administration, State Revenue Service, State Social Insurance Agency, Ferratum Bank, Kvadra Pak, Jensen Metal, C.T.Co, Citrus Solutions, CFLA, VARAM, etc.




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