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Toxic work environment

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-11:00 | Place: Online Learning | Membership fees: 80 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For business leaders, middle managers, HR managers, and anyone who wants to know what the signs of a toxic work environment are and what to do to heal the work environment.



A healthy work environment creates satisfaction, well-being and good relations among colleagues. We like to work in organizations where we can realize ourselves professionally, where the manager and colleagues encourage and support our efforts to achieve more. Working with colleagues gives us satisfaction and support, which gives us confidence that everything is possible.

However, in reality, we often receive reprimands for mistakes, our professionalism is sometimes publicly belittled, colleagues do not share information necessary for work. Meetings are monologues by one person. Sometimes we feel miserable and our professional self-confidence falls. And yet we must be aware - everything that happens to us, we have either earned or allowed!

How to identify a toxic work environment? What are the effects of a toxic environment? How to find solutions to improve the environment? Who is to blame? What is my role in improving the environment?


Answers to these and other questions - at the Baiba Apkalna seminar "Toxic work environment".

Benefits of the course:

After the training is expected:

  • You will receive information about the characteristics and consequences of a toxic work environment;

  • You will learn tools for recognizing a toxic work environment;

  • You will be able to develop the main steps in improving the working environment;

  • You will get practical tips for maintaining your personal balance.

Course format:

  • Interactive lecture and discussion;

  • Analysis of personal experience.

Baiba Apkalnas.png

Baiba Apkalna

  • Specializes in training in strategic communication and customer service (TimeBar (retail), EVRY Latvia (IT), State Blood Donor Center, Bar-Ilan University (Israel), CircleK (retail), etc.), Maxima Latvija (retail),

  • in strategic planning (Food and Veterinary Service, State School of Administration, municipalities, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, RSU Red Cross Medical College, etc.),

  • in business modeling and value proposition development (Riga Nuclear Medicine Center, Kurzeme Business Incubator (Liepāja)),

  • in change management (LKA Latvian College of Culture), 

  • in strategic communication (School of State Administration),

  • process management, presentation


1 online learning session | 2 academic hours

Session I


2 academic hours


Toxic work environment - where does it come from?

How to identify a toxic work environment?

  • Signs of a toxic environment

Healthy working environment

Corporate culture and negativity

Effects of toxic environment

  • Emotionally

  • Professionally

Employee roles

How to stay motivated in a toxic work environment?

How to save yourself?

The main steps to improve the working environment  



Manifestations of negativity in the collective?


Who is to blame?


What can I do?  



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