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Sales #2. Technics for Masters

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-17:00 | Place: Riga | Membership fees: 490 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For professionals who want to develop sales techniques in depth. Especially useful for proactive (agents, representatives, outbound telesales) and B2B sellers.



Clothes for the uninitiated The life of a salesperson seems simple: smile, talk to interesting people, look good and collect the bonuses you deserve. However, those who have encountered reality know that the life of a Seller is far from easy.

You can search subtle  process descriptions or read books of wise advice, but no one has yet come up with a formula that would tell you how to act in always different and unexpected sales situations. They tend to be especially unexpected in sales of services, similar products, "difficult customers" or B2B.

How to connect the existing Product with the specific Customer's needs? How to update the Customer's needs? What are and are not my Product Benefits? What do different B2B buyers expect from me? How to explain the benefits of the service? How to resolve customer objections amicably? How to sell if the Client manipulates or is aggressive?

About this in more detail - Kārlis Apkalns in the seminar "Sales. For Tech Masters."

Benefits of the course:

Advanced Skill Selling Opportunities for Salespeople (opportunities) convert (conversion) in transactions with:

  • repeated sales negotiation structure and 1st level skills;

  • application of general skills to everyday marketable Product;

  • in-depth understanding of different customer motivations;

  • skills to actualize Customer Needs.

  • handy handouts for repetition and skill maintenance.

Course format:


  • In-person training;

  • Analysis and systematization of personal experience;

  • Homework, video recording and analysis of common experience.

Karlis Apkalns.png

Kārlis Apkalns

  • MBA (Riga Business School).

  • 10+ years business skills trainer & a consultant.

  • Academic practice in Latvia's TOP business universities.

  • Marketing, Strategic marketing experience.

  • 350+ groups, 25+ topics, 100+ original seminars.

  • Worked with, SAF Tehnika, Siemens, Exigen, VISMA, LMT, Tele2, Lattelecom, BTA, Balta, Ergo, Seesam, Citadele, Nordea, Reaton, Pfizer, Mylan, Olainfarm, Toyota, Peugeot, Ramirent, Wurth, Baltic Data, Rolling!, Hanzas Maiznīca, 3M, etc.


Two days in person | 16 academic hours

Day I


8 welldemic hours



What was learned at the first seminar level

Stage find out - Update of Customer Needs

  • The SPIN formula and its use

Professional Homework (with video)

  • SPIN + ΙII + P, with Closing, up to 3 min.

Stage to present - creating company arguments

  • How does the Marketing mix/7P make the Spider?

Stage to present - Arguments based on advantages

  • Product and Company advantages

Stage find out - Conversation with Clients of various positions

  • How to apply arguments to different players?


The most essential needs of the client

Various positions of the Client and their needs

Day II


8 academic hours


Stage to finalize - Bypassing objections "without force"

  • Principles of Socratic Questioning

Professional home work "with the Client" (with video)

  • SPIN + LII + P, Shutdown & Socrates, up to 5 min.

Stage to present -Practical use of the spider

  • How to Play Benefits & Weak spots?

Stage to present - Service sale

  • Customer Cost model, its application

Stage to present - "Bad words" and euphemisms

  • How not to accidentally hurt the Customer?

Summary - Effective sales pyramid


The most common customer objections


For the supplierhands making arguments

"Bad names" in my industry



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