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Sales #3. Lead Yourself and the Team

Date: Continued application | Time: 09:00-17:00 | Place: Riga | Membership fees: 445 EUR + VAT

Intended for:

For experienced salespeople and sales managers:

  • To strengthen the skills of sellers andfor replenishment

  • To understand and systematize the function of sales management.



The sales process for B2B sellers in the Big Client, Slow Sales Cycle or Export markets brings complicated and sometimes difficult to predict situations.

Large customers are not only tempting opportunities, but also significant risks of unhealthy fluctuations for business. The slow sales cycle is not only an opportunity to prepare well, but also the uncertainty of when and if the all-important order will arrive. Export markets are not only an endless business potential, but also an almost endless uncertainty about what the desired sales channels are and exactly how to influence them.

However, the difficulties do not change the basic goal of the business: to profitably master the Clients and their projects. How to achieve this effectively and systematically?

This challenge leads to more nuanced questions. How to control the content and quality of sales talks? How to effectively create the company's sales arguments and counter-arguments to competitors? How to find out the customer's needs qualitatively? How to recognize customer manipulation? What is the buying process and how should its participants apply at each stage? How to forecast income and required internal resources? How to systematize information flow? What KPIs most accurately signal the “health” of the sales function? How to plan time, priorities and upcoming tasks to achieve goals with less expenditure of team energy?

More details about this - Kārlis Apkalns in the seminar "Sales #3. Lead Yourself and the Team.”

Benefits of the course:

Experienced salespeople's ability to manage their own and their team's performance by:

  • to understand advanced sales skills;

  • reviewed the most important Sales Management models and tools;

  • opportunity to apply Skills, Tools to your company & product needs;

  • handy handouts for repetition and skill maintenance.

Course format:


  • Lectures and discussions;

  • Analysis and systematization of personal experience;

  • Homework, video recording and analysis of common experience.

Karlis Apkalns.png

Kārlis Apkalns

  • MBA (Riga Business School).

  • 15+ years business skills trainer & a consultant.

  • Works with students of the Riga School of Economics (SSE Riga).

  • He has worked in the leading advertising agencies of Latvia with Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Statoil, SEB, Rietumu banka, AB.LV, etc.

  • Conducted research on the communication of the image of the Latvian state

  • Conducted similar trainings for SAF Tehnika,, Playgineering, LMT, Tele2, Lattelecom, Transcom, Nord Connect, BTA, Balta, Ergo, Seesam, VISMA, DPA, Trasta Komercbanka, Citadele, Nordea, Reaton, Latio, TEVA, Pfizer, Mylan, Olainfarm, Domino, Franks House, TNS, Toyota, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Ramirent, Wurth, Elfa Distrelec, Baltic Data, Rolling!, Lanordija, 3M, etc.


Two days in person | 16 academic hours

Day I




8 welldemic hours


Introduction: Sales management

  • Purpose, Essence, Tools

Tool: The detailed structure of the conversation and step evaluations

  • What can be done with the Conversation Structure questionnaire?

Skills: Creating and Sorting Product Arguments

  • "Marker Exercise" with the Professional Product

Tool: Our and competitors' Product Spider

  • How will competitors fight against us?

Skills: Practical use of the spider

  • How to play Strengths and Weaknesses?

Tool: Map of customer needs 

  • How to group the needs of our company's customers?

Skills: Types of manipulations

  • How to recognize manipulations and counteract them?


Building product arguments

Detailing of competitors' offers Spiders

Group homework: A form of visual mapping of customer needs

Individual homework: Presentation of a competitive product

Day II


8 academic hours


Individual homeworks: Presentation of a competing product

  • Joint analysis: What can I learn from my colleague?

Group homework: More Important Customer Needs

  • Joint analysis: What can I learn from my colleague?

Skills: Roles in the buying process

  • How to fit different players?

Tool: Sales Funnel (Sales Funnel)

  • How to predict and improve future results?

Skills: "Bad names" in my industry

  • Euphemisms and their uses

Tool: Quantitative sales management

  • Using CRM and KPIs

Tool and Skills: Urgent and Important works for sale

  • What are Important and Urgent "Funnel Items"? 


Sales funnel planning and optimization

Action plan

Development plan



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