Black Rhetoric and professional business communication
with Dr. Karsten Bredemeier

Date: May 24 | Time: 10:00 - 17:00 | Place: Radisson Blue Daugava, Kuģu street 24, Riga


  • Welcoming rituals and negotiation authority consistently
  • Make decisions in stages: the negotiation cascade and the maker-authority
  • Instead of questions - the appeal technique of gentle conversation and negotiating skills
  • Conversation killers – quick and elegant
  • You dominate conversations goal-oriented with professional technology and confident conversation
  • Show empathy and sympathy, generate respect and trust
  • Communicate warmth and appreciative respect
  • Building and shaping relationships
  • Appropriate clothing - a balance for your image!
  • You optimise your personal appearance and know your valuable invariable individual Trademark signals
  • Your positioning: Convince with appropriate argumentation structures
  • Your personal negotiation and argumentation dramaturgy
  • Your communicative equipment: the rhetoric code for negotiations
  • "Give the monkey sugar!" - a little lesson about metabolic blockages
  • Defuse critical situations confidently
  • Strategy and dramaturgy of successful negotiation and argumentation

Who is the target groups of the event and why they have to attend:

For all specialists and executives and decision makers - with this workshop, you become a professional in every negotiation and conversation situation! This workshop is aimed at all those who want to develop their professionalism in conversation and communication and are always in critical situations or stressful conversations.

What will be the result of the workshop for the Participants:

  • They learn and apply the necessary rhetorical and dialectical means to steer discussions or disputes into the desired paths.
  • They pry conversational killer quick-witted and linguistically elegant.
  • They dominate discussions goal-oriented with professional technology and confident conversation.

Top Executive Coach & Communication Strategist


  • Managerial shareholder (sales & marketing) of a consulting company (2,000 MA)
  • Entrepreneur since 1996, serial founder
  • Communication-Strategist for Dax-/MDax-companies (e. g. SAP, DTAG)
  • Advisor for strategic corporsate governance, marketing, sales, leadership, ethics, communication, negotiation and crisis handling
  • M&A backing, several IPOs


  • 15 books, 145 editions in 20 languages
  • Teaching award for business ethics at TU Dortmund
  • Several business formations such as (sold to ASV)
  • Lectures > 10.000 spectators
  • > 150,000 seminar participants with an outstanding evalution of 1,2


  • Dr. theol. Bonn University/PhD
  • Media trainer / journalist (DJV) since 1990
  • Several advanced trainings such as provocative therapy, gestalt therapy, NLP


Professionals are working with Professionals!“
- Dr. Karsten Bredemeier


  • Excellent speaker
  • Passionate communicator
  • Pro bono initiatives
  • Persuasive coach
  • Emotional intelligence and sociopsychology


  • Heidelberg University, medical faculty Mannheim: communication
  • Frankfurt school of finance: communication and business ethics
  • Partium University Oradea, RO: communication, ethics
  • Business school Moscow, Dubai: communication
  • TU Dortmund: business ethics
  • Provadis F/M: strategic corporate governance, business strategy, business ethics


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