New Strategic Thinking.
Choice management

Date:  January 22  |   Time:  10:00 to 18:00  | Place:  Kr. Valdemāra iela 118, Riga  | Language:  Russian

To make a new breakthrough in business,
you have to step over usual business thinking borders.


  • Changes in business execution. From which traditional market, marketing and management concepts we have to refuse to manage our company more effectively today?
  • What type of economics comes after consumption economics? What is not worth waiting for? What and how to prepare for?
  • How to accurately define your target audience? Why segmentation is losing its value?
  • What is the modern economic system’s main character? Why there is no necessity to make a consumer portrait?
  • What does it mean - new rivalry? Are notions “useful” and “useless” rivals?
  • What does it mean to use your ad in a new way? Communicative approach in advertising. 7 reasons why direct commercial does not work nowadays.
  • Finally, how all mentioned above can influence or is influencing the development of my market, my sector, and business?

What you will learn?
Participants Results:

  • Analysis of tendencies for modern goods and services market and development forecasts.
  • Information about new mechanisms of increasing efficiency for sales and advertisements.
  • New insights and ideas for your business development.


  • Company executives
  • Company directors
  • Marketing directors and specialists
  • Sales directors and specialists


  • Strategic consulting center (Tomsk – Novosibirsk) leading partner.
  • Business lecturer and strategic marketing consultant.
  • Author of business development strategic modeling technology.
  • Since 1993  ‒ consultant and lecturer.
  • Has led more than 700 consultancy projects in the fields of construction, building material production, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, food industry, communications and telecommunications, media, education, retail, restaurant, and recreational business.
  • Project geography: USA, Spain, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Latvia.

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