Have you experienced training, that:

  • people tend to forget soon?
  • offer just formal tests?
  • no mechanisms to check the understanding of the concepts covered?
  • no follow-up next steps included?

If you answer with YES to even one of this questions, here is a training solution that might fix the situation you have been into.

Online Sales training course with Feedback and Assessment

Gain new knowledge, acquire important sales skills, and receive evaluation on the tasks you perform!

Asynchronous learning in the Mobile first environment

This innovative learning format allows you to learn at a convenient time and place, watch videos on your device, and complete tasks by recording your video responses.

Introduction to the Sales training

Sports & Sales

Regular practice

Sales Trainer

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Types of the Training courses we provide

As a Training agency we are flexible creating various kinds of Learning courses for the different purposes of your Organisation

Online sales course with personalised feedback

Asynchronous online sales course with feedback to participants about their video answers; with feedback to the managers about the group.

Synchronous online
sales course

Zoom or MS Teams Sales seminar led by the author of “Sport of Sales” course or certified “Master Training” sales coaches; synchronous feedback to participants, feedback to the managers after the course.

Industry specific asynchronous video course

Interested in the course that uses examples tailored exactly for your industry (car dealership, hospitality, insurance, other)? Drop a note – we are ready to provide a course that fits your industry!

F2F course
with Trainer

Our trainers are ready to meet your sales team at your location. All the benefits of in-person training: immediate and direct feed-back, printed training materials, on the site adjustment to the capabilities, objectives and needs of the group!

Custom Business Skills Training course

If you like what and how “Master Training” presents in “Sport of Sales” course, we are ready to produce any business soft skills course, that fits your needs. Provide your contact details and we will contact you!

Let's meet at Zoom

Schedule a meeting via Calendly and let's talk about Online Sales training course for your Team!