Sales #1. Effective Deal Management

For sales teams and professionals who requires skills, guidelines and tips to improve the effectiveness of daily sales negotiations. 

Sales #2. Techniques for Experts

For professionals who want to develop sales techniques in depth. Really useful for proactive – agents, representatives, outbound telesales and B2B sellers.  

Business Negotiations

For managers of organisations, staff, marketing, finance, etc., as well as purchasers who want to improve their ability to negotiate better terms.

Effective Manager #1

For middle and senior managers, to improve the quality of the management process.

Effective Manager #2

For middle and senior managers, to improve the quality of the management process.

Remote manager

For middle and upper-level managers, who, because of social distancing, have to ensure productive work-from-home.

Digital Business Masterclass

Using Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches to develop company strategy.

Lean in Recruitment

For business executives, middle-level managers, staff managers and every person involved in the recruitment, the aim is to understand and establish an effective recruitment process. 

Successful onboarding

For company executives, middle-level managers, personal managers, whom it is essential to ensure that new employees reach the required level of performance for the company in the short run when they start work.

Personal Effectiveness

For executives, experts, and professionals whose volume of works create a risk of overload and burnout.

Effective Presentation

For professionals from different sectors who regularly make presentations and speak in front of their working colleagues, clients, and larger audiences, to improve the effectiveness of communication.


For managers, team and project managers, experts whose productivity is determined by speed and accuracy of communication.

Power Excel

For managers, finance, sales, marketing, quality leaders and experts, who daily use MS Excel for data processing, tracking, reporting, and analysis. 

Neuroleadership and Emotional intelligence

For managers, sellers, teams, project teams, improving individual competencies, deliberate human management and promoting successful communication.

Effective communication and interaction

For heads of offices, departments, teams and projects, vendors, experts-consultants, all of them, who daily interacts with different people types and improving communication efficiency.