Remote manager


For middle and upper-level managers, who, because of social distancing, have to ensure productive work-from-home.


The role of a manager is full of challenges even under ordinary circumstances. But we will remember Spring 2020 for a long time as being far from the ordinary.

COVID-19 virus has changed our daily routines. Social distancing makes people work remotely. Some experience productivity issues, others find it difficult to keep motivation or emotional balance.

No doubts about it, productivity and motivation are on the shortlist of their duties, but nobody has prepared managers to sustain working remotely for longer periods.

How to manage these unexpected challenges and to stay in balance?

We can find the answer to the challenge in more detailed questions. How to ensure individual productivity for remote workers? How to keep motivation and team’s morale? How to plan team collaboration? How to implement remote supervision and control?

Answers to these and other questions will be given in the series of webinars “Remote manager”.

Benefits of the program:

Improved ability to keep the productivity of the remote teams through:

  • an overview of work-from-home mistakes & possibilities to avoid them;
  • proficiency of well-tested productivity principles and tools;
  • convenient work materials to keep and remind obtained knowledge.

Form of the remote seminar:

  • Webinar sessions ;
  • Grouping and analysis of the personal experience.
  • Work materials convenient for the maintenance of the obtained knowledge .

Karlis Apkalns, M.B.A. (Riga Business school)

  • works remotely for 14 years
  • TOP Latvian business trainer, author of seminars on 20+ topics
  • Has been IBM and Scania Marketing Manager in Latvia.
  • trained top governmental officials, management of The Bank of Latvia and University of Latvia, State Revenue Service, Latvenergo, McDonalds, Circle K, Maxima, Nordea, Credit24, Toyota, Volkswagen, leading start-ups, hundreds of other teams
  • works with students of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • in advertising has served brands like Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Statoil, SEB etc.
  • former IBM and Scania marketing manager in Latvia

3 remote training sessions | 6 academic hours




Session I


2 academic hours

The New Normal of our work environment

  • What and Why is happening right now?

New challenges of a manager

  • What is my reaction & the one of others?

Work infrastructure

  • How to create productive environment?

Remote working productivity habits

  • What should be introduced & dropped?


What are the challenges of the situation?


Preconditions to the success of the remote work


Impediments of productivity

Session II


2 academic hours

Keystones of Motivation

  • What is THE question to motivate?

The change of framework
  • How to be in the position of control?

Benefits of the working routine

  • How ToDo – ToBe - ToHave are different?

Change acceptance cycle      
  • How do I react? How do (will) they react?


How teams tend to communicate


Impediments to success


How to reframe challenges


Where in the acceptance are cycle we?

Session III


2 academic hours


Aristotle on the way our minds work

  • How the teams get the clarity of a task?

How to achieve an understanding of teams?
  • Mind-mapping method

How to get the mind-map remotely?

  • Remote and digital tools for visualizing

  • Remote management effectiveness plan                                           


What dimensions should we plan?


Practical trials of management tools


Remote management improvement plan                           

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