To whom:

Managers, team and project managers, experts whose productivity is determined by speed and accuracy of communication.


Today's professional world is quite obsessed with efficiency. Effective financial contribution, efficient time use, effective return on team competences and other forms of effectiveness are mentioned or mentioned at each meeting. We often forget, however, that these effectiveness do not come true if people cannot communicate effectively with each other.

Everyday, people often misunderstand what the other said, don't see the causes of the problems, don't see the relationship and sequence of actions, which creates a lot of problems for themselves and around them. How much would cost employees or teams who do not understand the task for which they have devoted their energy for days, even weeks? What could be the solution for such situations?

Research shows that verbal messages are difficult to understand and remember. Aristotle has said that “Soul Thought in Pictures” and the wisdom of the nation says that “one picture is worth a thousand words.” However, presentation design takes a lot of time, not every organisation employs a designer, but the use of images found on the Internet is limited by copyright.

Visualizing this message can help, but how can it be done quickly, simply and intellectually?

The answers are given by more nuanced questions:

  • Why visualization IS NOT art?
  • What are the goals of message?
  • What can and cannot be visualized?
  • How to find the visual essence of the message?
  • How to accelerate communication with visual codes?
  • How to use visual tools in my office?
  • How to create message icons?

About these and other questions – Dace Andersone in seminar Visualization.


Improved the effectiveness of communication of participants of the workshop through:

  • The understanding of the reasons and possibilities for visualizing;
  • The testing the simplest and quickest visualizing techniques;
  • The repeating and skill-keeping handy handouts.

Dace Andersone, Mg. jur

  • Visualization trained at Diane Black (USA, Doodle Institute), Katerina Bogina (Russia,, Facilitarium (UK, London), Igor Zabolotny (Ukraine,, Dan Roam (USA, Napkin Academy), Anna Gorban (Russia).
  • Visualized events “Lampa”, “Cilvēkfaktors”, Agile Riga, UX Riga, Digital Freedom Festival, Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Education, Republic of Latvia’s The State Chancellery, others.
  • Illustrated book “Business Negotiations”, education cards “More Than Words”.
  • Conducted similar training in Latvenergo, Latvijas Finieris, Master Training, Riga Coaching School, open courses.
  • Forms and maintains in Latvia the first Facebook group about visualization – “Vizualizēšana”.

One day/ 8 academic hours

Days Description Exercises

Full day
8 academic hours


Intro- Visualization & use-case in professional environment 
  • What cannot I do? And what do I actually do?
  • How to find a message visual essence?
Visual tools and techniques 
  • How to show? How to bold? How to look professional?
Visual presentation 
  • My visual presentation                                                          
My visual message

Text visualization

Colors, bolding, dashes

My visual presentation                                                                                      

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